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Beijing Itown Office Park北京梵石Itown西店记忆文创小镇三期

August 12, 2018

梵石Itown小镇位于北京市朝阳区四惠桥东,场地由7条路围合而成,原为铁路物流和加工厂区,如今城市产业布局调整,该地区着重于文创办公领域的发展。 本案是文创小镇的三期项目,在前两期的大空间办公、合院式办公的产品基础上,三期规划为独栋或类独栋办公建筑。三期场地由三条铁路线切割而成:的北侧一路之隔为京哈铁路,西南侧为高架货运铁路,东南侧是地面层的货运铁路,高架铁路下方规划为景观场地与二期商业组团连接。我们在遵循原有建筑条形布局的肌理下,采用单元拼合的方式完成规划和建筑设计布局,并且在场地毗邻铁路的三个界面上,采用了不同的处理方式来回应空间的限制,变不利因素为有利条件进行空间梳理。 建筑形象上,我们也从原有厂房重复的坡屋顶语言中吸取原型,通过单元拼合产生的屋顶错动、以及南侧商业单元的正反坡处理,试图能够在保留本场地集体记忆的同时,创造丰富的建筑形态,产生错落有致的群体形式。 The site of Beijing Cidi Memo Itown Office Park phase-3 is surrounded by 3 railways, the land was originally for industrial usage. The new planning optimizes the original bar-code shape texture by the unit combination, while the architecture design adopts the pitched roof with industrial building memory, all of the 14 buildings […]

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December 9, 2015

Jiaxing Electronic Commerce Park Conceptual Design The core of the new office parks gradually shifted from simple space-dominated to a multi-functional product today. This project aims to establish a new office park for local clothing industry in Jiaxing, the owners also want to introduce e-commerce and internet economic features, creating a new eco-circle with design, […]

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