About MAT Office| 超级建筑


MAT Office is a research and design studio started in Rotterdam and now operating in Beijing. It is an office dedicates to the observation and speculation of the emerging issues in the contemporary urbanization processes, and also aims to seek the architectural possibilities strategically based on these principles. Team members have already accomplished a series of design projects with different scales and programs, such as city renovation and regeneration, cultural, residential, office building and city complex.

Recently, MAT Office has focused the architectural practice on sharing office space, sharing living space, community design, cultural education design, and public space design, brought by the new round of urban regeneration. Through research and design projects, MAT Office develops urban studies, strategic social and spatial transformations, architectural design, as well as teaching, exhibitions and cultural events. Bottom-up emergence, spontaneously growing of the various urban spaces, and the maximum of public participation will always be the core propositions and principles of MAT Office when confronting the social and cultural aspects. Based on the social behavior, urban condition and historic context, this attitude has developed a methodology of programmatic and systematic thinking, which is also enabling MAT Office to explore new territories in the design process.

MAT Office(超级建筑)是创立于鹿特丹的一个设计和研究事务所,现在办公室在北京。事务所主要致力于观察和思考当下城市化进程中不断涌现的问题,并以此为基础引发对建筑设计领域可能性的探讨。设计团队成员曾经完成过一系列不同尺度和功能的设计项目,涵盖包括城市改造与更新、文化项目、居住项目,办公和城市公共综合体等多种建筑类别。

MAT Office 近年来的建筑实践主要集中在由新一轮城市更新所带来的共享办公、共享居住、共享社区、文化教育等相关领域,以及城市公共建筑和公共空间的创新设计。通过一系列项目和研究作品, MAT Office 在城市设计、城市/社会/空间转型策略以及建筑设计等多种角度给出提议,MAT Office 也同样积极开拓展览、教学和文化活动的组织和设计。自下而上自发生成的各类城市空间和公众参与的最大化提议,是 MAT Office 在城市、社会和文化问题上一直坚持的基本立场和出发点。基于社会行为、城市现状和历史文脉的功能性和系统性设计分析方法,打开了 MAT Office 在设计和研究中的探索。