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Fuzhou Xiufeng Landscape Building福州秀峰路景观建筑

October 19, 2017

福州秀峰路景观建筑 本项目位于福州市晋安区秀峰路,紧邻秀山地铁站,规划中地上为城市公园,地下是社区商业和社区非机动车停车场。 严格的规划指标限制了建筑物突出地面部分的面积,所以我们设计了一个由裂缝生成的下沉广场,将人们带到地下的社区商业,下沉广场内部成为社区公共活动的中心。地下建筑物的空间分布也影响到地面景观布局,每一个商业空间像是“塔”一样承载着地面层的景观功能,并且由一个步行动线将地面景观串联起来。

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July 1, 2013

Synthesized City Living and Learning in ShenZhen   The project explores the non-physical interface between two metropolitan zones: Shenzhen and Hong Kong. An analysis of development in the two zones and the resulting imbalances reveals the importance of the university. This offers great potential to enhance social exchange between these two zones. The concept of […]

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February 28, 2012

            Densifying City The proposal comes from a hypothesis that city could be transformed into a self-organized state by increasing the density. It is a scheme WIP during the studio ANARCITY with Winy Maas at Berlage Institute,2012. The hypothesis is attempt to extract prototypes by reading the certain urban fabric […]

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