Densifying City

The proposal comes from a hypothesis that city could be transformed into a self-organized state by increasing the density. It is a scheme WIP during the studio ANARCITY with Winy Maas at Berlage Institute,2012. The hypothesis is attempt to extract prototypes by reading the certain urban fabric and the idealistic transformation of its geomatic pattern. Five cities, Manhattan, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Los Angeles, has been chosen to analyze the urban fabric  with a scale of 1km * 1km.

Ideal prototypes will be extracted from the urban fabric analysis, and be transformed to the prototypes for high-rise buildings. Core would be considered to be used as distribution center for a self-organized community, high-rise buildings begin to appear as the increasingly densifying city. The diverse geomatric vision of a densifying city is also a representative of the hypothesis that the individual freedom could be realized by changing and densifying its urban forms.