Berlage and Volume Laboratorium

Berlage and Volume Laboratorium

Exhibition for 5th Shenzhen/Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale

In this Bi-city Biennale, the Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, will showcase the photographed results of the “Idol Tower” masterclass led by artist Madelon Vriesendorp, as well as other two research projects. Volume will showcase all of their periodicals for the exhibition and will make an English catalogue for the whole biennale.

The results of this masterclass consists of a series of Wunderkammers, encyclopedic collections of admirations and aspirations constructed from the peeked curiosities of the participants. The aim of the exercise was to rethink the role of the architect or designer. Participants first converted these viewpoints to sketches, drawings, photographs, and collages, before designing and building a room that expresses a deep understanding of their respective idol.

We focus mainly on the issue that to represent the Wunderkammers in Shenzhen biennale venue, which are originally produced in the Netherlands, as well as how to organize the multiply usage in one single exhibition room, such as the masterclass representation, showcasing projects, periodical display, and live working.

This mixed exhibition is a work of many:

MAT Office: Kangshuo Tang, Miao Zhang

The Berlage: Anneke Abhelakh, Xiao Liu

Volume: Brendan Cormier

Photographer: Mathijs Labadie

Graphic design: Femke van der Stoep




贝尔拉格建筑与城市研究中心在本次双年展上展示的是由是由艺术家 Madelon Vriesendorp 主持的大师课程“偶像之塔”的影像成果,以及其他两个设计研究项目。Volume 杂志将在这次展览中展示他们以往的所有期刊,并会在展览空间内参与制作整个双年展的英文目录索引。

“偶像之塔” 大师课程的成果由一系列艺术装置组成,装置是参与者们为自己钦佩和有启发的偶像们而收集或创作的各种新奇物品的表达。该训练的目的在于鼓励参与者重新思考建筑师和设计师的角色,参与者们需要把这些不同视角转化成绘图、影像和拼贴画的形式,然后开始构建一个实体的房间模型。



MAT Office:唐康硕,张淼

贝尔拉格建筑与城市研究中心:Anneke Abhelakh,刘潇

Volume 编辑部:Brendan Cormier

摄影师: Mathijs Labadie

平面设计:Femke van der Stoep