Show City

—proposal for the official Showroom of China Fashion Week D-Hub

It is a specific and unique exhibition project. The exhibition will be realized in an oil tank, which has a diameter of 60 meters and a height of 16 meters. On one hand, the organizer aims to introduce a new way of showcasing rather than a generic exhibition, on the other hand, the project is also a cross-disciplinary collaboration with the graphic designers. Depart from avoiding the conventional commercial fashion show, we propose an exhibition which could be much more systematic and open, that it is not only happens within an isolated showroom, but also extends to the urban space around.

Three symbols are generated from the existing spatial and cultural condition, and the symbols are also able to indicate the primitive images of sky, ground, and house. The three prototypes provide the adaptation for each specific exhibition unit and the possibility for the unit combination and variation.

Meanwhile, in order to maximize the spatial organization of the oil tank, we propose the ‘proliferation’ strategy, by fully analyzing and comparing to the other options. By the idea of ‘proliferation’, sharing space, communal space, announcing space and creative area will be arranged from the center to the peripheries, and also creating the visitor’s route starts from the center.

We also propose a green, natural, fashion inner space within the oil tank by using plants. The standard units create a sort of public space in-between the functional areas, which could also be understand as the streets and plazas in the city. The outside space is also being taken account, that we transform the prototype units into public programs and activities happened on the streets and bridges outside. Such public participation is also able to bring more cultural and commercial opportunities for the D-park.

N.B. This project is a collaboration with TINY workshop (graphic design).






同时,为了最大程度地适应于79罐的空间,我们测算了现有空间对不同大小的展览单元的容纳数量,提出三种平面布局建议, 并通过比较分析,得出使用扩散式布局的建议。该布局将任务书要求的分享区、交流区、发布区和创意区,以自中心向外围扩散的方式展开,形成自内而外的参观漫游路径。


注:该项目与平面和视觉设计团队TINY workshop合作。

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