Yinzhou is a city full of water. This place successfully represents the characteristic of the Jiangnan water town. In this sense, water-based landscape becomes the primary issue for conceiving the design.

This option decomposes the site into water system and islands. Two-levels hierarchical roads connect these islands and prevent the motor-transportation going inside into the islands, so as to keep most of the places for pedestrian and waterfront landscape. Through the research based design method, we put the different functions, such as commercial, entertainment, cultural, education and working space, into the typical spatial and circulative diagrams, then formulate them typologically into the islands.

This kind of planning method gives a idea of ” slow life” of the “slow city”. Inhabitants are able to enjoy the pedestrian routes, the waterfront landscape for leisure, and more public spaces to free people from the closed working places. The planning also provides the possibility for inhabitants having closer communication and aims to create a friendly neighborhood.




宁波某商务区城市设计 | 2014 | ARCHITECTURE规划和建筑设计