Chinese New Babylon = 1000 Gardens + Air City

What will the city looks like when approaching the super dense condition with 10 FAR? It will be very obvious that most of the land will be expropriated for skyscrapers, and the open area on the ground will be much more precious. What if we put this 10-FAR super density into an envelope of 100 meters height? That might be some sort of extreme circumstance.

We propose to occupy the ground level as less as possible, in order to liberate the open environment around. Continuous “+” type units assembled into a larger group of skyscrapers. In the space in-between these structures, we also propose 1000 gardens on the ground level, for habitants to walk, leisure, communicate, plant… back to the natural style of life.

We also articulate the vertical skyscrapers at different levels, join them into a street in the sky, and create the extensive horizontal connections for the daily city life. In this horizontal sprawling city, people could live, work, shopping, sports…the same as what has happened on the ground.  In this sense, the city is no longer a realm of concrete, it is an new Babylon under the extreme density.






我们提议在10公顷土地上采用最小建筑占地的方法进行建造,从而最大程度地解放建筑之外的环境。“十”字型建筑单元组成了连续的摩天轮组群,在它们围合成的院落中,我们设计了1000个地面层开放的花园,人们或步行,或奔跑,或休憩,或社交, 或种植,回归到生活的最本质。



10HA*10FAR*100M | 2014 | RESEARCH研究