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MAT Office

Founded by TANG Kangshuo and ZHANG Miao in 2013, MAT Office is a research and design architectural office started in Rotterdam and practices in Beijing since 2015. The office works typologically, pays close attention on  “unit” and “edge”, “publicity” and “openness”, creates public space by the discussion on the relationship of individual and collectivity. It is also an office committed to the observation and speculation of emerging new phenomena and problems in Chinese cities. MAT Office gives proposals from the perspective of urban strategy and architectural design, and hopes to trigger the exploration on the possibility of new building types. The recent practices of MAT Office have mainly focused on urban public space, cultural and educational buildings, creative office parks and the working, living, communal space brought by the ongoing urban regeneration.

MAT Office is particularly interested in the design and research on the lifestyle of today’s young people in megacities. Since 2014, MAT Office initiated the research project on future working space, Office 3.0, which has been accompanied by extensive results and was published in 2016; MAT office has also started research and design projects on the old city renewal as well as community design topics from 2014 to 2018; Further more, MAT office also complete a series of projects on apartment building category and shared living mode product since 2016.

MAT Office is also actively involved in exhibitions, teachings and other cultural events. MAT Office attends in the 15th,16th and 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, the “Unknown City” exhibition in Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum, UABB Shenzhen/Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale, Beijing Design Week and Suzhou Design Week. Lead architect TANG Kangshuo and ZHANG Miao also participate in the teachings of open studio in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology, Chinese Academy of Fine Art, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Tsinghua University. MAT Office’s design works are widely reported by well-known media both in China and overseas, such as World Architecture, Urban Architecture, Domus, C3, Designboom, Gooood, Archdaily, Architizer, FRAME, bob, INTERINI and IDEAT.

MAT Office |超级建筑事务所,是由唐康硕和张淼于2013年创立于荷兰鹿特丹的一个设计和研究事务所,2015年开始在北京进行建筑实践 。事务所采用类型学方法指导建筑设计,关注“单元”和“界面”,强调“公共性”和“开放性”,通过对“个体与群体”的关联性讨论进行公共空间营造。事务所主要致力于观察和思考当下城市发展中不断涌现的新现象新问题,通过一系列设计研究和项目实践,在城市、策略、建筑等多种角度给出提议,并希望以此为基础引发对新的建筑类型的探索。MAT Office |超级建筑事务所近年来的建筑实践主要集中在城市地标和城市公共空间、文化教育建筑、创意办公园区以及老城改造更新带来的工作空间、居住空间和社区空间的营造。

MAT Office |超级建筑事务所尤其关注对当下大城市中年轻群体的共享生活方式的设计研究。从2014年开始,事务所开展了对未来办公空间的研究课题 Office 3.0,该课题伴随着相关设计项目取得了丰富的成果并于2016年结集出版;2014-2018年,主持建筑师唐康硕和张淼通过教学工作坊和项目实践的方式参与到北京的老城更新和社区设计的相关课题中;自2016年开始,事务所也通过一系列的设计实践,开始了对于公寓建筑类型和共享居住模式的研究。

MAT Office |超级建筑事务所也积极参与展览和教学活动。事务所作品曾多次参加威尼斯建筑双年展、深圳坪山美术馆《未知城市》开馆展、UABB深港双城双年展、北京设计周以及苏州国际设计周;事务所主持建筑师唐康硕和张淼也曾以设计课教师的身份参与了中国科学院大学、中央美术学院、北京建筑大学、哈尔滨工业大学和清华大学的教学工作。事务所作品曾获得DFA亚洲最具影响力设计大奖、AMP美国建筑大师奖等国际奖项。同时,事务所作品也受到 WA世界建筑、Domus、C3、Designboom、Gooood、Archdaily、Architizer、FRAME 、bob、Interini、IDEAT理想家等海内外众多知名媒体的广泛报道。