Beijing 1+1 Showroom Proposal

We introduce a “branching structure” as the idea of the intervention: the branches start from the transit points, growing to cover all of the lobby and showroom. The end part of each branch, which called “leaves” is for exhibition. The leaves-system is able to provide a series of usage differs by the height, such as seat-stool, table, stall, and display panel.

The showroom is able to address different kind of exhibition, such as paintings, collection of art works, fashions, furniture etc., by changing the quantity and layout of the display racks. The showroom could also be converted in to mini-lecture place and workshop place, while combining the leave-tables altogether.

The “branching structure” is sprayed on the ground by luminescent materials. The leave is constituted by bars and panels, Sockets will be pre-installed at each intersection point in order to keep the bars stable. There are 9 types of bars, height from 450mm to 2800mm, providing series of usages and exhibitions. All of the leaves can be removed and kept in the storage room.


我们采用了“树型结构”作为整个展览设计的系统,“树”从室内节点处开始生长,直到覆盖整个前厅和小画廊区域,“树型结构” 末端枝叶为展览空间,枝叶可以根据展览需要提供坐凳、展台、展架、展板等一系列从低到高的不同使用方式。



北京1+1展厅升级概念设计 | 2015 | DESIGN设计, PROJECTS项目 | Tags: